Miss Missing You

(Zara cropped top, Zara shorts, Matalan sunglasses)

(Zara top, Zara skirt, H&M necklace, Matalan sunglasses)

(Zara t-shirt dress, Zara sunglasses, Coach body bag)

I really miss Portugal. The sun, the ice creams, the Greece-like architecture, and more. I want to go back and explore more of what I missed last year. I wanted to post this since it's flashback friday. Oh, and I don't know why I'm looking on my right in all my pictures...

P.S. listen to Miss Missing You by Fall Out Boy xx

Don't You Forget About Me

(Topshop cropped top, H&M flannel, Levi's shorts [DIY], Topshop glitter socks, creepers from Hong Kong)

Baby Blue

This is for the purpose of dosing myself and also you guys some inspiration for spring. I just graduated from high school a couple days ago and I feel great to finally step out of a bullshit environment. As much as I hate school, I still have to continue being educated in it so I can get to where I want to be. All negativities aside, it's finally spring! Even though I wear neutral colours like gray, white, and black most of the time, I love incorporating pastels into my look, whether it's my makeup or my outfit. What I love about being out in the sun is having to not worry about what coat I'm gonna wear, haha. Okay, I like how coats look but I haaate wearing them. In two months I'm going on a vacation in Italy and I am counting the days until then! I've already picked some outfits for Italy but I have some more decisions to make. As you can tell, I am clearly stoked for Italy. This post is titled "Baby Blue" because it's my favourite pastel colour for spring, and I also love the song itself by Action Bronson featuring Chance the Rapper.