I totally forgot to post all the photos from Hong Kong. Well, better late than never. I didn't get to take that much photos (which is very not me) because I wanted to make the most of my three-day staycation in Hong Kong. I think I've experienced the most amazing restaurant ever, which is One Dim Sum. Not to mention the prices of everything. Of course not all the food I tried were my cup of tea but most that I ate tasted incredible. Times Square was stunning and breathtaking by the way. Shopping (and Disneyland) were probably the best part. So far, best birthday ever.


(Aeropostale sweater, Hollister skirt, creepers from Hong Kong)

There's something about dark schemed outfits that's so me. I don't know if I could find an outfit more suiting. I also wore these creepers that I got from Hong Kong for a very good price for the second time and it is now a favorite pair of mine. If you can't tell, I got dark from my 5-day vacation at Caramoan beach which I think I'll make a post of. Added some photos we took that day as well. x


 After a very short time of editing of a few very short clips from Hong Kong, this is finally up. I still can't believe I filmed just a few clips from my trip. Otherwise, this could've been a better result (not that I'm complaining). Anyway, here it is. Enjoy!


(Zara shirt, New Look skater skirt, Quartz wristwatch, Forever 21 chain necklace, Converse shoes)

I was shopping around Hong Kong the day before and found this t-shirt with Minnie Mouse on it and couldn't resist but buy it. It was too accurate and relevant for Disneyland and the faded print was just right and it's not an on-your-face kind of look. Adding this Minnie ears headband made my outfit very Minnie Mouse, not to mention my favorite Disney character IS Minnie Mouse. That circle pin on my top right there is a birthday pin that says "Today is my birthday!" and the staffs in Disneyland greets you a happy birthday and gives you stickers or cards which was really nice of them. The only comfortable shoes that I brought with me to Hong Kong were my Converse pair so I had no choice but to wear them to DL.